Nominations close at 4PM on Friday, 30 August 2019

Nominations can be submitted online, by emailing or at:

The Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre

25 Ellena Street

Maryborough  QLD  4650

  1. The nominee must be between the ages of 12 – 25 years old on 20/09/2019
  2. The nominee must be able to attend the awards ceremony on Friday 20/09/2019 or nominate a representative if nominee is unable to attend.
  3. By signing this nomination form, you agree to have your photograph and/or video taken to be publicised by the local media and the Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre. You should not, however, nominate or accept nomination if you or the nominee are uncomfortable with this process. 
  4. Award winners are required to give a brief speech. 
  5. The Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre must be acknowledged in all press releases. 
  6. As this is a formal event; guests, winners and nominees are expected to dress to the occasion. 
  7. The information that is provided by the nominator about the nominee is the basis for the judges’ decision. If fraudulent or misrepresented nominations are received, the Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre reserves the right to withdraw the award and the prize. 
  8. To give chance to others, if you have previously won in any award category for the last two (2) years, you are not eligible to apply for that same category again for the next two (2) years. 
  9. The judges’ decisions are final and cannot be contested. 
  10. Judges will be composed of the Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre’s Management Committee and will invite external judges as they see fit. 
  11. Based on the judge's deceisions, you may be considered for another award catagor aside from your chosen category.  
  12. Make sure you keep a copy of your nomination form & evidences for your records, once nomination forms & evidences are submitted it becomes the property of the Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre. 
  13. Do not attach original copies of evidences/relevant documentation in your nomination form as submitted nomination forms will not be returned to you. 
  14. Submission of signed nomination will be considered as acceptance of terms & conditions of entry by the nominator and the nominee. 
  15. If you are submitting you nomination online or via email,  It is YOUR responsibility to confirm that your submission has been received in full by ringing centre reception on 07 4121 2141

 * If you have any queries or if you need any assistance in filling out the nomination form please contact the Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre on 4121 2141 or email * 

  1. Applicants must be between the ages of 12 – 25 years old on 20/09/2019. 
  2. Entries close at 4pm on Friday, 30/08/19
  3. Nomination forms can be dropped in the address listed below or completed and submited online on or before 30/08/2019
  4. Winners will be notified on the week of 09/09/19.   
  5. The nine (9) successful nominees will be required to attend the Awards Ceremony scheduled for Friday, 20th of September 2019 at the Brolga Theatre Convention Centre
  6. Please respond to each award, as succinctly as possible. If entering more than 1 award category, please take time to fill out another entry form (you can photocopy nomination forms as required or you can download a copy on our website at  
  7. If necessary, and as required, an interview of short listed finalist may be conducted. If this happens, a suitable venue for both Maryborough and Hervey Bay finalist will be identified.
  8. You must attach relevant documentation to support your nomination  (i.e. awards, certificates, academic transcripts, thank-you letters, newspaper articles etc.).
  9. Response to each category should be limited to 500 Words or 2 pages.


How do I enter?

(Please take time to read and understand the terms and conditions on this page.)

The Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre Presents

VERY IMPORTANT: Terms & Conditions of Entry